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Prophecy of Sadhu "Mysterious Skin Disease Emerges in Pangasinan"

Monday, February 24, 2014

 last night’s edition of ABS-CBN’s late night news program Bandila, Jasmin Romero reported the first half of a two-part special regarding a mysterious disease in Pangasinan. The report was about an alleged “flesh-eating” disease which, until now, doesn’t have a clear explanation of its cause or origin.

The report immediately captured netizens’ curiosity and suddenly revived the prophecy of an Indian prophet named Saddhu about a “grievous disease” that would start in Pangasinan.

During the 24th National Prayer Gathering at Cuneta Astrodome in April 2013, Sadhu predicted a couple of calamities that will hit Philippines such as the destructive earthquake in Bohol, Typhoon Yolanda, and the flood in Palawan. All of those, according to many, have already been fulfilled.

But another prophecy of Sadhu that draws huge attention to Filipinos recently is a skin disease that will come to Pangasinan. This flesh-eating disease is said to be worse than Typhoon Yolanda. According to Sadhu, the disease will spread to Cebu and Bohol from where other types of diseases will spring forth before it spread all over the world. This disease will cause a man’s flesh to decay and turn black that’s why it is also been tagged as the “The Black Death.”

In the special report of Bandila, ABS-CBN reporter Jasmin Romero interviewed two individuals from Pangasinan who suffer from a mysterious skin disease that is now being associated with the prophecy of Sadhu.

Do you think Sadhu’s prophecies are accurate? Do the cases of these people from Pangasinan validate his prophecy about “The Black Death?” Why or why not? 


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