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Uncovered Year Of The Horse forecast: Prosperity and better love life!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Relationship: Very attractive
Health: Low energy
Wealth: Excellent
Success: Low

Of course, the Horse is king in the Year of the Wood Horse.
Feng shui expert Maritess Allen promised that the general outlook for those born in the year of the Horse will be very good.
During the 9th Feng Shui Convention held at the F1 Hotel in December, Allen said that Horse-born people will enjoy the “3/8 Ho Tu” that generates success in politics, growth energy, and producing good or caring children.

Best year for wealth
“Your wealth luck is the best and you can look forward to very attractive luck in your relationships,” Allen said.
She explained that the auspicious flying star makes the prosperity luck of the Horse abundant. This means that Horses will find supportive energy for most of the endeavors they wish to pursue.
However, she clarified that Horse-born people should practice being quiet and patient to lower the negative effect of some challenging energies in their career for 2014.

Lucky charms for the Horse
Allen, an international feng shui master, said Horses need to watch out for such inauspicious energies, particularly “Tai Sui” and “Three Killings.”
When aiming for something in their work, Horses should restrain their competitive spirit and wait for the best time before doing anything big.
She added that keeping lucky charms like the victory horse, rabbit with moon, as well as tai sui and white Dzambhala plaques will help Horses moderate these challenging energies.

Better love life
Meanwhile, the Horse will experience better luck in love. Those who are single will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, Allen said.
“Your relationship luck will be very fruitful,” she added. “Your only setbacks are that success luck and life force are low, which you need to enhance by amulets and charms."
She advised Horses to stay close to people born in the years of the Tiger and the Dog and maintain good ties with Sheep-born people as they will give the Horse luck in the future.


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