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Full Video CCTV Footage of Vhong Navarro During Incident

Friday, January 31, 2014

Actual Vhong Navarro CCTV Footage During Forbeswood Heights Condominium Incident On January 22, 2014 Released By NBI - Vhong Navarro didn't rape Deniece Cornejo

Vhong Navarro CCTV Footage Highlights:

10:38PM - Vhong Navarro entered the condominium alone.
10:39PM - Vhong Navarro entered the elevator and went up to the second floor of the building.
10:40PM - Deniece Cornejo was seen riding the elevator towards the first floor and leaving the condominium.
10:41PM - Cedric Lee entered the building. Lee then rode the elevator and went out also at the second floor at 10:43 p.m.
10:43PM - Two more men said to be Cedric Lee's friends entered the condominium lobby and used the elevator as well.
11:01PM - Deniece Cornejo went back inside the condo with Bernice Lee.
11:13PM - Seven men, including Vhong Navarro and Cedric Lee, and the two women, Bernice lee and Deniece Cornejo, exited the building.

NBI is still seeking the rest of the CCTV footages to determine when and where the rest of the men entered.


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