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The Cry In Okinawa

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Back in July of year 2010, I had a trip to Okinawa, located on south of Japan with Tokyo's diocese's teenage Catholics and few Fathers too (and yes, I'm Catholic, but don't judge me by the religion...). To be remembered: Okinawa is one of the places in Japan which had suffered the consequences of World War II, being attacked by U.S. Military. Because of that many people has died, including Japanese civilians, Japanese Military and U.S. Military.
Since I already studied about Okinawa's story, I had a strange feeling that something "spiritual" will happen there before I visited Okinawa (I've already had a another experience, but I'll submit later), and Okinawa is one of places that have a U.S. Military's base.
I believe that was on the second day of the trip. We're guided by a local person to a underground-made cave called GAMA, which was used to be a local people's place of refuge in case of aerial bombing run. And because of the low hygiene, many people has died there, such as children, women, elders and even sick or injured people (that's not all: Even the Japanese Military said to civilians "When the U.S. Soldiers comes to you, suicide before they kill you all. Die for glory, die for Japan!").
The cave itself was slippy because of the rain and too dark... Or should I say: pure darkness, pure black. Because of that, we have to move with handlights. While we're advancing, we had a moment to turn off the lights to see how dark it was. The cave was also chilly rather than to be cold.
Few seconds later, I heard a woman's crying voice in the cave, but I've noticed that wasn't the voices of the girls with us (note: only two girls with us). And then I started to think myself "This is not a living person's voice..."
Later, we went out of the cave. And in order to confirm, I asked to the girls if one of them cried, but the answer was: "None of us cried there..." (And I asked to the boys too, but same answer...)
I wonder what the crying woman's spirit wanted to tell me or to us...
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