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Wednesday, June 05, 2013
iPanel is a professional online sample collecting company for market survey. We invite netizens to join our membership system through internet or offline for free to help corporations obtain opinions and suggestions of the consumers. iPanel lets you share your opinions and suggestions fast, conveniently and intelligently. Any survey you participate in will give you 1-2000 points. We are a reputational Asian online survey company ranked within
the top 10 of the sample companies throughout the world by authorities through consecutive years. We keep our promises to you and receive high credibility from the members. The online surveys offered by our company are rewarded with redeemable points to you.
You only have to obtain our questionnaires by email or logging onto our membership system and based on your personal status duly fill the questionnaires through which you can pay attention to or give opinions on the products or services around yourself. Our surveys only aim at domestic members of a country who will be screened as participators and the quality of the questionnaires will be controlled by our strict internet technologies.
Survey has always been a strong method of corporations knowing about consumers, obtaining feedbacks on new products and acquiring the developing tendency of the industry. Before the application of internet, companies used to spend huge amount of time and money on assigning organizations to take the methods of interviews, street interventions, phone calls and others to survey and manage the interviewees. The online survey makes it easier for interviewees to participate and select freely which is accepted by more consumers with wider range to make the survey result closer to actuality.


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