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Get Verified and Withdraw Cash from your PayPal using Smartmoney MasterCard

Thursday, April 18, 2013
No more introduction, let's begin! :)
  1. 2 Valid IDs*Student ID*Voters ID
    *Postal ID

    *Drivers Licence
    *Passport*Brgy. Clearance(I only present 1 Student ID and 1 Brgy. Clearance depende sa branch niyo.)
  2. Pera xD - P120 for the card, P300 for CashLoad
  3. Cellphone
  4. Smartbuddy/TalkNText Simcard
  5. P30 Airtime load
  6. Patience. :)


Phase 1 - Apply and Get your Personalized SmartMoney MasterCard

     1. Download your  Smart Money Account Number
         Option 1:
         1. Text Money to 343
         2. Enter Desired W-PIN(6-digits).
         3. Re-enter W-PIN
         4. Choose "Get Account" press OK
         5. Select BDO
         6. Wait for the text message confirming the transaction and displaying
             your Smart Money Card.

         Option 2:
         1. Go to the Smart Menu and select Smart Money
         2. Choose any transaction
         3. Follw steps 2 to 6
  2. Go to this link: Http://
  3. Accomplish the form and click "Activate"button
  4. Wait for a call from CS representative for validation prior to Smart Money Card.
      Call out shall be done within 2 business days after application.

Phase 2 - Verify your PayPal Account using SmartMoney

*Remember to activate your card before proceeding. Call 15177 using your Smart Cellphone and ask the CSR to activate your card, basic information will be ask for confirmation. The activation process will take 2-24 hours but you can proceed to verifying PayPal phase 2-3 hours after the activation request is done.

*Unlock Internet Transactions first.
Go to: SMARTMenu>>SMART Money>>Internet Txns>>Unlock

  1. Open your Paypal account and Click Get Verified
  2. Select Provide a Credit Card in Your Name
  3. Enter the required information. Card type is Master Card.
  4. Save the information and Paypal will deduct a very small amount to your SmartMoney Account.
  5. Enter the Verification code into Paypal and congrats! Verified kana! :D

How to widraw from PayPal to SmartMoney MasterCard.

  1. Log in to PayPal and Click Withdraw
  2. Click "Withdraw funds to your bank account"
  3. Fill the formBank name: BANCO DE ORO (& EPCIB)BANK CODE: 010530667Account number: Your SmartMoney Card Number
  4. Hit save and now you can withdraw your Cash
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