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Earn Online with Yovia ( Latest Proof as Of Sept.12)

Monday, June 03, 2013


  Yovia delivers people, not clicks.

Get your cause, app event or startup buzzying with Yovia. Leverage thousands of real people to generate exposure, get feedback and spread the word..Select your targeting and create campaigns with our easy-to-use Opportunity Wizard. Registration is Free, and you only pay for results.

How it works

As a Yovia Sponsor, you get unparelled access to one of the most creative, dynamic groups of new media users in the world - Yovia Influencers.
These are passionate, authentic people who are capable of completing any assignment. They'll check out a website, get involved in a social media discussion or even attend your next event. When you create a Yovia Opportunity, you'll find you'll get more than a click. You'll get a real person along with all of their friends.


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